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Permanent and Cosmetic Make-up Insurance

Leaders in Permanent Cosmetic Insurance Our Permanent and Cosmetic Make-up Insurance is rock solid and ultra competitive - no matter how unique your Permanent and Cosmetic Make-up business is. We promise you a fantastic policy backed with first-class customer service. Call us today.

Are you a Cosmetology, Permanent or Cosmetic Make-up business owner looking to gain the best insurance at the best price? Look no further. Welcome to ISU Insurances Services of Westlake.

We have a specific program designed particularly for Permanent and Cosmetic Make-up Insurance to fit your business and budget. We have worked with established providers to bring them into this insurance segment. Together we created an inclusive, easy to understand, and affordable package.

Our insurance policy can include Professional Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance and fire and theft insurance for your tools, machinery, furniture, etc.

The response for this insurance from ISU Westlake has made a permanent impact on the industry. Insurance for property amenities that were a hassle before are no longer an issue. What a relief for Permanent and Cosmetic Make-up Business owners! Plus, the rates and deductibles are extremely reasonable even if they include features that typically raise Permanent and Cosmetic Make-up insurance from other companies.

As an Permanent and Cosmetic Make-up Business owner, you owe it to yourself to look into this policy.

Most Permanent and Cosmetic Make-up Business owners ask for liability limits $500,000 or $1,000,000. We can include higher or lower limits depending on your needs. We'll be happy to discuss your particular business to provide you with industry insight helpful for your decision.

Reward yourself with direct access to our agent, Maggie Phillips, via phone, email, or fax. We pride ourselves in providing you prompt service, tremendous attention to detail, and competitive insurance rates. We handle the paperwork. Financing available. We have years of experience working with permanent makeup and cosmetic makeup businesses and love what we do! Put us to the test. Let us take the bite off your insurance rates!


Penny Rudy, Owner of Chrysalis Clinic says:

"Thanks for your patience and kindness and help with ensuring my business! You go above and beyond and I really appreciate all that you do. I'll be in a gathering of technicians and still have ample for cards for ISU and will be handing them out as I usually do. God bless you, dear Maggie! You are wonderful!"

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Leaders in Permanent Cosmetic Insurance

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Maggie Phillips
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Permanent and Cosmetic Make-up Insurance Packages Include:

Professional Liability
General Liability

Package Options:

Business Contents Fire & Theft
Building Fire & Theft
Earthquake Insurance
Worker Compensation
Umbrella Excess Liability

What You Can Expect with Your Insurance Policy:

Available in All States
No Liability Deductible
Low Premium
Low Deductible
Best Rates and Coverage
Professional Customer Service
Fast Set-up
Hassle-free Interaction

Call or e-mail us today for the best Permanent and Cosmetic Make-up Insurance Policy, Coverage, and Rate.